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Purpose of this Blog

Why did I create this page?

I feel like I landed on a gold mine of information while I've been in therapy, and through separation and divorce proceedings. Much of it is information that one wouldn't think about searching for unless they were in crisis mode. My goal is to reach out to my friends and family and maybe further one day, to help adopt an attitude of preventive measures, awareness, and education on what resources are available at the click of a mouse. I want to end the stigma against mental health, specifically for that against men. I want to be an advocate for those in need, for those without a voice, and for those who may just be unaware or oblivious to some parts of the world around them they ought to be in connection with. I was that person, and I wish that I wasn't. But I forgive myself and those who made such an impression on me that retreating into myself was seen as the safest option. We all start somewhere, and we are all allowed to change and make improvements.

I want to validate peoples' experiences. You matter, and how you feel matters. We are all accountable to our actions, but understanding where some of our feelings, particularly our triggers, come from, can improve how we handle situations on a tremendous scale.

I want others who may struggle with communication skills to have a place to learn how to communicate more effectively. I want to promote quality pages and resources so that the most accurate, reliable, and helpful information can reach the people I care for the most.

I want others to see that struggling is normal. It is human. Going through extremely tough situations can, with time, support, effort, consistency, grief/mourning, counseling, can be a teacher, an opportunity to grow or provide validation of growth. It's not easy, and it's not supposed to be easy. Acknowledging it, allowing yourself to feel the feelings, and learn the lessons, to look back and see how far you've come, all the while not just packing the emotions down never to be seen or heard from again, but being open, authentic, vulnerable, honest, taking up space.

I also want others to see that there are people willing to help in such tough situations. I want others to see that we are social beings and many of us need and thrive on social contact and relationships. It's okay to want an amount of validation from others. We weren't meant to go through life alone and be the only person that gets to make us happy. I'll probably touch on this one in a future post.

Ultimately, I can't entirely control the outcome of this page. I have a vision for it, but where it goes from initial publishing will largely depend on what audience I end up with, evaluation of effectiveness, resources available (including time), along with my direction in life. I'm not going to stay a single, divorced man forever, and I may not have time for this forever. But while it is here, and while I am here, I will make the most of it and reach as many people as I can. You're worth it.

With Love,


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