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Creation of this site is the first step on my journey of 1,000 miles. I'm looking forward to sharing more resources and discussing methods I've used to get to where I am, and how I plan to get to where I want to be in the future. I'm excited to share book titles (and maybe some synopses?), Instagram profiles of LMHC's, LMFT's, and life coaches (particularly ones I've found to not only be inspiring and supportive, but use data-driven methods for their practices and recommendations, which I absolutely love), song titles that have gotten me through these tough times (breakup songs, worship songs, encouragement songs, and just good vibe songs), gratitude posts to people that have helped me on the way, and just how I'm feeling and whatever I may want to share in the moment. Thanks for taking part and reading, and I really hope you learn something here, or share some of your own experiences for others. You matter, and you are always welcome here.

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